Our Motto: Every made-to-order item we sell is dedicated to empowering our beautifully bookish brains while celebrating “smart is the new sexy” in every conceivable way!

All that fun stuff means is we built this shop because we LOVE losing ourselves in the worlds created inside books.  (If you're reading this it probably means you do too.)  For the past 15+- years we've been immersing ourselves in all manner of BIG name authors as well as fresh, break-out indies!  It was about time we did something about it!

Bookish Boutique was built by readers FOR readers!  We are here to help you embrace your inner (or outter lol) book nerd!

Also, we fully admit every "bookish bitch" has unique tastes. This is why we offer different styles, designs, looks/feels of just about everything in our store.  AND that's why we make everything to order in the US.  Your shirt, mug, pillow or bag is just a blank slate until after you press the "place my order" button! 

The simple truth is WE can hardly make up our minds about which design is best!  Why should YOU?  Shop our selections! Grab your fav! 

And what THAT means is if you want us to make something or have an idea you think should be in our shop... hit us up!