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Why Will You Love Working With BookishBoutique? 

  • Get Paid LIFETIME commissions! Send us customers and enjoy getting paid every time they order from us!
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Here's Everything You Need To Know About The BookishBoutique Affiliate Program: 

WHO Can Join The Program: 

Anyone can join our affiliate program & start earning lifetime commissions in as little as 24 hours!

Ideally you will want to make sure you have an audience who LOVES reading, books & all things bookish!

Our program was made to work with authors, book bloggers, bookstagramers, TikTokers, BookTubers and book promotion sites!

If that's you... welcome!  Click here and join free! 

How Can Authors Earn With This Program? 

Authors, this program is the PERFECT way to help earn more revenue from your readers & audience.  You can put links in your email newsletter and post to social!  

Want to make passive sales?  If you're using an automated follow up sequence, simply slide an offer into your welcome series!  It takes almost no time & will promote your affiliate links every day!

How Do The Lifetime Commissions Work? 

We pay a healthy 10% on the FIRST SALE from every new customer you send us.  Then, when they buy something else a few weeks later, you'll receive 2% on that order as well!  

And we will keep paying you for the lifetime of each customer you send!  All that we ask is you remain an active affiliate & driving a minimum of $300 in new sales over a 90 day, rolling average.  

How Does The 2nd Tier Work When "Referring Influencers/Authors"? 

The 2nd tier simply means you get a commission when another influencer you send us makes a sale.  This is just a fancy way of saying we're going to making it worth your while to tell all your friends with a following to join up ;) Let's say you have friends with 5K active followers on Instagram.  You tell your friend about our program, give them your special link & they sign up.  Now we know they came from you. 

Now, every time they send us a customer, YOU earn 2% on those first sales!  And when those same customers return and buy more, you earn 1% 

How Does The FREE Merch Program Work?

As you probably already know, the best way to generate sales is by showing off the goods!  This is why it's vital you grab a few items you'll like, order them with your affiliate code & take lots of unboxing, wearing, using photos/videos!  

You'll then want to post them everywhere!  (We will post as well while giving you photo/video credit!) 

The way our free merch program works is that you'll purchase what you want to promote using a 50% off code.  Then, when you send us your content & schedule your promo, we will reimburse you the full amount you spent on merch when we verify your promotions have gone live! 

Once we've verified your promo is live, we typically send your remaining reimbursement in 48 hours or less!

We do it this way because sometimes some people try to join programs like this and take advantage of the merchant.  While that's totally not YOU, we don't have the same budget as those big name stores and have to be careful.

HOWEVER: If you've already worked with us in the past & we know everything is cool, we will work out a killer deal with you.  

Ready to rock this?  Click here to join free! 

Are There Any "Hidden Fees" In This Program? 

Not a single one.  There is no charge for you to become an affiliate, we will give you an instant 50% off discount & then reimburse you after verifying your promo (meaning you get all your "stuff" free), and WE pay YOU for driving buyers to our shop!  

That's it!  No hidden weird stuff or wonky things!  You send us awesome customers & we will send you awesome money!  

How Long Does It Take Customers To Receive Orders? 

Normally most people in the continental US will receive their full order within 10 - 14 business days.  As CV19 is still causing some hiccups here & there, it might run into issues outside the US, but typically not.  

We've built our system to send email/sms order updates so everyone can stay on top of what's going on.  

Are You Open To Colabs Or Joint Promotions? 

Of course!  We LOVE working with influencers, bloggers & authors on special projects.  Make sure you're registered and then reach out! 

Any questions? If so, hit us up using the contact page below! 

If not, click here to become an awesome affiliate! 

We can't wait to work with you!

Jen & The BookishBoutique Crew